Southern Services Reform Group

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Co-production art


View the Expressing the Carer Journey Through Art video here

A Dementia Workgroup co-production project



Hot Topics 2019

What: A series of interactive Hot Topic sessions to discuss, learn, innovate and action.

Where: Club Marion, 2-4pm

Thursday 28 March - Social Programs: Paying to make friends? What's the future?

Thursday 30 May - Quality Standards: Unpacking and implementing

Thursday 29 August - Are we inclusive? Main stream services and inclusivity

Thursday 28 November - Carers: Don't forget the carers (change of venue)


RSVP to Sally: [email protected]



Technology for Wellbeing


The Ageing and Technology Workgroup is proud to announce the release of its Technology for Wellbeing website. See press release on the Ageing and Technology Workgroup Page for more details. Click here to go to the website.