About Us

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The metropolitan Collaborative Projects were established in 1999 and are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.  The collaborative projects are regional structures located in metropolitan and rural South Australia. The Southern Services Reform Group (SSRG) encompasses the Local Government areas of Onkaparinga, Mitcham, Holdfast Bay and Marion. Prior to 2008 the project also engaged with the City of Unley.

Collaborative projects are funded to develop and support a formal mechanism for facilitating service system reform and to improve service cooperation and coordination at a regional level.  The project engages with services that affect the CHSP target group.

Strategic Aims of the project


  • Representation of regional stakeholders
  • Bringing stakeholders together through regional structures
  • Communicate effectively with the region



  • Active participation by service users
  • Broad consumer involvement informing the direction of the projects



  • Share knowledge and resources across the regions
  • Innovative project activities, building on current learnings
  • Government consultation with stakeholders



  • Service development through workgroups, forums, surveys, working with the Better Practice Project and consultations about planned changes in the sector